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Brayden Stocks

Emery-Riddle Aeronautical University

College is a big step in someone's financial life, regardless of their economic status. Throughout my entire life, my dad has always told me to “save that for college” with every little dime I had. At the times when I did not even understand, I still saved it. All the pennies have added up to now, and I finally see the brighter side of those conversations.

I have prepared for college throughout my entire life by saving 10% of each paycheck into a specific account, away from reach. The importance of saving for college is a crucial, yet so under looked, aspect of life. When I go to college, my freshman year will be strictly set aside for studying and schoolwork. The money I have saved for spending money in college will have to be budgeted throughout my year.

When in high school, I never thought of the fact of how valuable the idea of money could be. I would always just think to myself, “I’ll get paid in another week anyway, so I can buy this cool shirt now.” When I transition to college, I will not have a paycheck in “another week,” so I will need to budget and plan my spending decisions.

I took personal finance my junior year of high school, and it was a very valuable experience that everyone would benefit from. I learned about different retirement funds, like Roth IRA’s and 401k’s, as well as emergency funds. I believe that this class should be required for all high school students. My high school requires it, but I know of other schools that do not. The benefit this class brings is beneficial to last a lifetime, and has altered the way I save, spend, and invest. Learning important aspects of the economic industry is important to the lifelong financial effect that it may bring to future generations.